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About Us

What is Med-Peds?


Doctors of internal medicine (internists) have had special training that focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect adults, as well as health promotion and management. Pediatricians focus on the special care of infants and children. Med/Peds physicians complete medical school and then a four-year residency training program. During that time, they spend two years each focused on adults and children.

  • We are a fully modern office, using an electronic medical record system and electronic prescribing.
  • We participate in the Kids in Parks program that emphasizes getting kids outdoors and exercising. You can access program information at kidsinparks.com.

How is Med/Peds different from Family Medicine?

Both Med/Peds physicians and Family Practice doctors are primary care practitioners for patients of all ages. However, the residency training and focus of care are different. Med/Peds doctors focus intensely on the primary care of children and adults, including routine preventative gynecology, over their four-year residency.

The three-year training program for "family practice" physicians, "family practitioners", or "general practitioners" encompasses care for adults and children but also often surgery, orthopedics, and obstetrics. It is a difference of scope and depth. Our Med/Peds doctors will take care of the health of your entire family as well as all simple and most complex diseases that may arise.