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Patient Centered Medical Home Quality Improvement Initiatives
At Carrboro Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, we offer Patient Centered Medical Care, which is a new approach to healthcare that puts all the pieces together. Patient Centered Medical Care is a partnership for preventing problems, so you stay healthy! We are committed to practicing evidenced based medicine and ongoing quality improvements. Here are a few of the many quality improvement projects we have been working on.

Pediatric immunization rates:

  • The practice coverage rate for all recommended vaccines by 24-35 months was 85%, compared to the NC average of 80%, and the national average of 71.6%.
  • The practice rates for coverage of individual vaccines ranged 91% to 98%.
  • We are working to improve completion of the Gardasil HPV immunization series on time by scheduling follow-up shot appointments at the time of discharge or making reminder calls.

Measuring developmental screening rates and appropriate referrals:

  • Documentation in the chart of appropriate developmental screening and referrals if needed improved from 76% to 100%.

More accurately measuring blood pressure (BP) in the office:

  • The percentage of patients with hypertension having a measured BP < 140/90 in the office increased from 67% to 77% after re-measuring patients with elevated blood pressures at check-in compared to a 10 minute rest period.

Referral tracking:

  • The rate of outstanding referrals improved by 10% over a 3 month period after designating a specific referral coordinator. This process is expected to continue to improve.

Patient satisfaction:

  • We are working on improving patient satisfaction with patient portal use. The portal offers direct communication with providers and office staff. Current users tend to like the system, but we are working on improving the start-up of use of the system by educating patients better how to use it. Staff are trained in how to help patients with use of the portal.