Dr. Branscom

Dr. Branscom is a native of Martinsville, Virginia. She currently lives in Durham with her husband, a geriatrician, and two children. After completing her residency, she practiced in Roxboro, North Carolina before coming to CPIM. She enjoys biking, swimming, and running, but has a passion for cooking gumbo.

  • 1990 – B.S. from University of Virginia, Charlottesville
  • 1994 – M.D. from University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville
  • 1999 – Completed a combined residency in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at Duke University Medical Center
  • 1999 – Board Certified by both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Review Boards
  • 2006 – Joined Carrboro Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Patient Testimonials:

“Dr. Branscom is wonderful. She is very thorough and has a great bedside manner with my son and me. While she’s thorough, she is not alarming. She provides the right amount of information, and I appreciate that when I ask her, she’ll provide more of a technical explanation. She never seems rushed.”

“Dr. Branscom impresses me to no end. She is one of the few physicians that I have encountered that I completely trust, and the fact that I trust her with the care of my son, my most precious commodity, proves that. She is a fantastic doctor and a wonderful person.”

“Dr. Branscom is a wonderful, caring doctor who goes the extra mile every time to explore all possibilities and gives the best, most comprehensive care to the whole family.”

“Dr. Branscom always listens well, shares her concerns and thoughts and gives my concerns and thoughts the respect they deserve as it is my body and being about which we are speaking. I appreciate that she is caring, actually exceptionally caring, demonstrably empathetic, bright and knowledgeable as a doctor.”

“Dr.Branscom is a very good listener, a quality that is surprisingly rare in medicine. I have never felt rushed during an appointment.”